Bill Cosby Civil Trial Jury Must Start Deliberations Over

After two days of deliberations wherein they reached verdicts on nearly about all of the questions assign apart sooner than them, jurors in a civil trial who were deciding on sexual abuse allegations against Bill Cosby have to open from scratch on Monday.

By the reside of the court docket day Friday (June 17), the Los Angeles County jury had attain to agreement on whether Cosby had sexually assaulted plaintiff Judy Huth at the Playboy Mansion when she was 16 in 1975, and whether Huth deserved any damages. In all they’d answered eight of 9 questions about their verdict make, all but one which requested whether Cosby acted in a manner that can per chance well also simply restful require punitive damages.



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Set up Craig Karlan, who had promised one juror when she agreed to attend that she might well leave after Friday for a earlier commitment, determined over the objections of Cosby’s attorneys to settle for and learn the decision on the questions the jury had answered. But he needed to swap course when deputies at the Santa Monica Courthouse appeared and required him to sure the court docket. The courthouse has a required closure time of 4: 30 p.m. thanks to no payment range for deputies’ time previous law.

Karlan refused to require the departing juror, who had been chosen as foreperson, to attain support on Monday, so jurors have to open one more time with an alternative in her thunder.

“I won’t slide support on my note,” Karlan said.

It was a bizarre ending to a uncommon day of jury deliberations. It started with a existing to the deem about what he known as a “persona area” between two of the jurors that was making their work keen.

After calling them to the court docket and getting them to agree that every juror might well be heard in discussions, the jurors resumed, but had an everyday flurry of questions about disorders with their verdict make that the deem and attorneys needed to explain about and reply. One rely on was on calculate damages.

After the lunch spoil, Cosby lawyer Jennifer Bonjean moved for a mistrial thanks to a photo taken by a member of Cosby’s team that showed a juror standing in halt proximity to a Cosby accuser who had been sitting within the viewers and watching the trial.

Karlan said the photo didn’t reveal any dialog had came about, and mercurial pushed aside the mistrial motion, getting assurances from the juror in rely on, then the total jury, that no one had mentioned the case with them.

The accuser, Los Angeles artist Lily Bernard, who has filed her dangle lawsuit against Cosby in Recent Jersey, denied speaking to any jurors.

“I never spoke to any juror, ever,” Bernard suggested the deem from her seat within the court docket. “I might well per chance never kind anything to jeopardize this case. I don’t even scrutinize at them.”

Karlan fought to procure previous the hurdles and own jurors deliberate as long as conceivable, and kept lawyers, newshounds and court docket group within the court docket ready to plod as quickly as a verdict was learn, but it surely was fruitless within the reside.

Jurors had begun deliberating on Thursday morning after a two-week trial.

Cosby, 84, who was free of penitentiary when his Pennsylvania criminal conviction was thrown out nearly a few yr within the past, did no longer reduction. He denied any sexual contact with Huth in a clip from a 2015 video deposition shown to jurors. The denial has been repeated sooner or later of the trial by his spokesman and his attorney.

In contentious closing arguments, Bonjean urged the jurors to scrutinize previous the public allegations against Cosby and test only the trial proof, which she said did no longer attain halt to proving Huth’s case.

Huth’s attorney Nathan Goldberg suggested jurors Cosby needed to be held to blame for the damage he had carried out to his client.

The Connected Press doesn’t most ceaselessly identify of us that mumble they’ve been sexually abused, unless they attain forward publicly, as Huth and Bernard every own.