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Bruce Willis sells rights to enjoy deepfakes replace him in future movies and adverts

Bruce Willis may have retired from acting, but he will live on in future films thanks to deepfake technology. According to The Telegraph, the actor has sold his rights for future films and advertising campaigns to Deepcake, a company that creates "digital twins" of famous folks for use in commercial projects.It's the same kind of

The loyal VPN for Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is a popular option for a cheap and easy-to-use streaming device for your TV. It’s small enough to be unobtrusive in your TV’s port but it still has enough computing chops to install and run apps from the Amazon Appstore. That means you can run VPN apps right on the Fire

Guidelines on how to clutch away your browser’s auto-maintain knowledge

I’m not sure how it happened, but over time my web browser has amassed all kinds of bad auto-fill data. The great promise of auto-fill is that you can fill out online forms with one click, but too often I’ve had to go back and fix mistakes that auto-fill made. Phone numbers would come out

This compact, sparkling mechanical keyboard is moral $30

Havit I’m not sure about you, but I’m a sucker for unique keyboards. If you’re anything like me, then you’re in luck, as we’ve got a nice deal for you today. Amazon’s selling the Havit mechanical wired keyboard for $30.39. That’s a savings of $19.60. The black and orange keycaps are giving me major spooky

10 Chrome keyboard shortcuts you solely need to aloof know

Google A lot of people know keyboard shortcuts exist—but they also never use them. After all, using Chrome is easily done with a mouse or via a touch interface. But when you’re on a laptop or desktop PC and already furiously typing away, don’t count out the value of those keyboard shortcuts. Tapping a few
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Lil Nas X Used to be Anxious To Do on A Skirt During Efficiency In His Native land: “I Feel Love I’m Altering Some...

Lil Nas X is no longer putting limits on his fashion choices! The 23-year-old rapper and artist has shown up and shown out when it comes to his personal style. From his gold armor suit, to his risqué outfit changes, the ‘Montero’ star has been walking billboard of fearlessness and self-love. In a recent interview
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New Detect Ranks Los Angeles & Portland Among The High 20 Cities With The Handiest Food

One discussion that never gets old is which city has the best food. In a new study, the top 20 areas that made a list of cities with the best food may surprise you. According to Wallethub, the boot (Louisiana) nor MS made the top 20 with the best food–like many suggest in online conversation.

(Video) Diddy Defends Kanye West’s ‘White Lives Topic’ Shirt

Days after Kanye West expressed that “White Lives Matter” through t-shirts, Diddy visited The Breakfast Club and gave his opinion on the situation that had the innanet in shambles. When the 52-year-old shared his thoughts, he made it clear that Kanye was his “boy” and a “free thinker.” My boy is a super, super, super

Sever Cannon & Abby De La Rosa Revel in Their Babymoon As They Rely on The Arrival Of Their Fresh Toddler! 

Recently Nick Cannon welcomed two new bundles of joys, and now he and Abby De La Rosa are awaiting the arrival of their third child together. Abby recently took to Instagram to share some photos and videos from her and Nick’s babymoon. She didn’t list the exact location of where they vacationed. Nonetheless, she shared

Khloé Kardashian Asks Kanye West To End Naming Kim Kardashian And Her Family When He Desires “To Deflect”

Khloé Kardashian is ’bout sick of Kanye West name-dropping Kim and her family “to deflect” from his public image. The reality star made the rare move of addressing the father of her nieces and nephews on social media. On Wednesday (Oct. 5), the youngest Kardashian sister took up for her family in the comment section