Debut Creator Graham Fluster Publishes Contemporary Sci-Fi Thriller: I Guess We’re Heroes

A fight for alter of an alien weapon leaves the destiny of billions in the palms of Diego Vargas and his crew of mercenaries

Graham Fluster’s love of tales fashioned with his family’s frequent trips to their local library, where the sci-fi and fantasy cupboards were always his well-liked. When he began making his agree with work, Fluster started with constructing worlds for tabletop roleplaying video games, and naturally expanded into novels. With nearly two an extended time of experience devising provocative eventualities on the verge of grief, Fluster felt excellent at dwelling crafting the a good deal of perils of I Guess We’re Heroes.

The e book begins with a group of scientists discovering alien lifestyles, and explores how their reckless stride for more recordsdata is driven by varied motivations: money and standing from lucrative patents, bettering the lives their fellow humans, and studying for the intrinsic sake of studying. Because the an extended time walk, on the other hand, first contact fades from living reminiscence, and is mysteriously absent from any reliable ancient recordsdata.

For the next 5 centuries humanity ventures out to the celebrities, their a good deal of political factions leaving no shortage of complications for an enterprising crew to invent a living off of. The mercenaries of Basically expert Enhance Contractors were handiest purchasing for slight jobs befitting their fledgling firm, however rapidly rep themselves forced into the limelight when their employer’s ambitions space an extinct alien weapon of their possession. Digging deeper into the origins of their cargo brings far more warmth from vested pursuits who opt the reality of humanity’s first contact with alien lifestyles to be kept secret. With entire planets caught in the crosshairs of a looming interstellar war, any various the mercenaries invent will get catastrophic consequences.

I Guess We’re Heroes is supplied in paperback and ebook on

About Graham Fluster

Graham Fluster is a self published author and sport vogue designer. With nearly two an extended time of designing worlds for tabletop roleplaying sport campaign settings, Fluster has a plethora of experience crafting provocative eventualities on the verge of grief.

Fluster will seemingly be contacted by electronic mail (, or on Twitter (@GrahamFluster).

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