Decred blockchain introduces novel indecent-chain, SPV-based wallet: GoDCR

Decred blockchain introduces new cross-chain, SPV-based wallet: GoDCR

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Decred (DCR) gets listing on crypto exchange OKCoin

Decred (DCR), a team-directed cryptocurrency designed to be a superior store of price, this day presented it has been listed on crypto alternate, OKCoin — marking Decred’s first fiat-pairing in the U.S. where OKCoin is…

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Decred launches Politeia self-governance system with release of $20 million treasury

Decred (DCR) a cryptocurrency altcoin with constructed-in governance this day presented the starting up of Politeia, the worthy-anticipated venture proposal choice-making machine which is designed to wait on as the excellent self-governance infrastructure.

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Decred proposes a new kind of decentralized exchange

Decred (DCR), an self reliant digital forex with constructed-in governance, this day released a proper proposal for a brand novel get of decentralized alternate. Known by its non eternal working establish “DEX,” the proposal suggests changing the centralized…

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Decred (DCR), the cryptocurrency evolved by broken-down Bitcoin builders, this day presented that starting up tonight, June 22 at 10 PM PDT, this is in a position to per chance officially be supported by Exodus, the desktop multi-asset wallet app that enables customers…

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