Earnings Cookers Ensures 30% Earnings to Restaurants

Profit Cookers Guarantees 30% Profit to Restaurants

Digital Restaurant Label Company Affords Guarantee to Success Partners

Profit Cookers Guarantees 30% Profit to RestaurantsNaples, FL  (RestaurantNews.com)  Digital restaurant brands contain received exponential traction and attain for the explanation that outset of the pandemic, with reward dine-in drinking locations tapping into the virtual mark fulfillment alternate as a valuable further revenue stream, and ghost kitchens using high on virtual demand. And that demand continues.

But for drinking locations and kitchens participating in manufacturing for virtual brands, deciding on to be a fulfillment accomplice with the factual virtual mark could perchance well also be daunting. One such virtual mark company is making that resolution a no brainer. Earnings Cookers’ alternate mannequin for eaterie fulfillment has seen such success that its CEO is making a mettlesome pledge.

“We are offering a assured profit mannequin for all Earnings Cookers restaurant fulfillment partners,” says Kirk Mauriello, CEO of Digital Earnings Cookers, LLC, DBA Earnings Cookers. “The guarantee is 30% profit of all gross sales of orders the restaurant accomplice fulfills on a yearly calendar basis, while peaceable having no prolonged term dedication for the restaurant fulfillment accomplice within the match they want to exit the agreement for any reason in any admire. So for every $100 that Earnings Cookers sells, we’re guaranteeing that $30 is the final analysis profit to the restaurant after deducting meals prices.”

Earnings Cookers is never any longer a franchise; it’s a virtual restaurant company – with out a brick-and-mortar dine-in locations – creating brands, menus, and methods for expend by restaurant fulfillment partners, who break the meals in their kitchens that is provided by procedure of Grubhub, DoorDash, UberEats and diversified online meals shipping platforms. Partners receive orders seamlessly thru Earnings Cookers’ single-tablet technology and Earnings Cookers affords weekly ACH payments straight to the fulfillment accomplice..

“All of our contemporary partners earnings vary from 32% to 45%, searching within the marketplace,” Mauriello says.

For more details about turning into a Earnings Cookers fulfillment accomplice or how Earnings Cookers can swap and expand your restaurant profitability, attain out to Kirk Mauriello at Kirk@virtualprofitcookers.com or name 701-314-4849.

Earnings Cookers is a virtual restaurant mark company that partners with native, independently owned drinking locations across the U.S. Earnings Cookers has a sequence of bigger than 30 brands from which restaurant partners cling to satisfy from their kitchens, the usage of a single tablet technology which enables all orders to stream to the restaurant seamlessly.

For more files, visit profitcookers.com.

Profit Cookers Guarantees 30% Profit to Restaurants

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