Erica Mena Claims Safaree Has A Intercourse Dependancy Amid Feud With Lady Online

Erica Mena claims the daddy of two of her younger other folk, Safaree Samuels, has a sex dependancy, and she says it’s why their marriage didn’t work. On Tuesday, the 34-yr-extinct truth big name made the advise while beefing with a woman named Kimbella Matos on Instagram. Their web beef started when Erica reputedly tweeted about Safaree talking slick about her to a “prostitute.”

“Speaking crazy about your baby mother to your prostitute but you don’t even know your little one sizes is a uncommon flex. Be Right Tho… You gotta be exact slow to let your BS opt up support to me. I will air you out and bury you.”

Kimbella Matos, an obvious mannequin from Unique York, saw Mena’s post and replied, importing a rant on her IG reports.

“It’s so amusing how I in no intention mention your slow uneducated ain a correct or inaccurate map because we are both grown and on two varied stages mentally, but money couldn’t bag you a brand contemporary p*ssy, could perchance it? Withhold my name out your mouth. For someone who’s persistently calling varied ladies prostitutes, in the meantime, you are going to like slept with your whole industry for free and dogged out and became lately selling your like p*ssy to a whole soccer participant in Unique York Metropolis and likewise you wanna talk about about prostitution?”

Tagging Erica in the post, Mantos ended her rant with:

“You’re so silly, you slow b*tch this could perchance be the wonderful time that I would ever come up with consideration. You’re worthless and pointless and clearly, it’s evident because your marriage didn’t wonderful a 2nd. Jealousy is a serious disease, kisses. Recover soon hun.”

The mum of three replied correct away, addressing Mantos’ claims of jealousy.

“I’m so uneducated on you but here you are pondering you’re so trained on me. How is it that you just know so powerful about my whereabouts Kim Bolla? Stalking me must opt up exhausting, particularly since I in actuality work and don’t like to bed to decide on up my bills paid for.”

Erica Mena Says Safaree Has Detrimental Intercourse Dependancy

In her argument with Matos, Erica made captivating remarks about Safaree’s mutter tendency to gossip between the two of them.

“Yeah, Safaree says that about you too. Right here’s some grown lady advice – if he’s talking shit about his baby mama, are you able to have faith what he says to her about you? SMH jumpy about my cat? Don’t neglect how many cases you’ve tasted it.”

Mena then clarified to Matos that the reason her marriage didn’t work is that she didn’t like to address Safaree’s alleged dependancy to sex.

“The handiest the explanation why my marriage didn’t wonderful is because I refuse to follow a one who has a inaccurate sex dependancy.”

Mena continued in her response to Mantos.

“You’re rotund of sh*t and that’s how he likes it looks. If you happen to wanna talk about what money can’t bag – for you it’s your like id. You can at all times be identified as the Walmart botched body Erica Mena.

Most efficient needs to you because Safaree goes to like a discipline day with f*cking up your head. You [already] extraordinarily afraid so that you just are going to like to birth up getting therapy now.”

To this level, Safaree hasn’t addressed both of these feuding ladies publicly.

Roomies, are you terrorized by Erica’s claims at all?