‎Financial Sector Fashion Program pronounces FinTech strategy: Al-Jadaan


Saudi Minister of Finance Mohammed Al-Jadaan

Saudi Minister of Finance, Mohammed Al-Jadaan, said the Financial Sector Fashion Program (FSDP) licensed the updated structure that involves the FinTech strategy facts.

“Saudi Arabia is a world FinTech hub. An ambition that Saudi started to put in power,” Al-Jadaan said.

The FSDP added a fourth strategic pillar to its transformation strategy, the FinTech, which goals to articulate the Kingdom as one in every of the main countries in the FinTech filed, with Riyadh becoming a world FinTech hub.

The FSDP’s goals is to develop a diversified and efficient financial services sector to spice up the development of the nationwide financial system, diversify its sources of income and stimulate financial savings, finance and investment.

The FSDP goals to permit financial institutions to spice up within most sector deliver; be positive the formation of an developed capital market; and promote and permit financial planning.

The strategy is devoted to increasing the preference of FinTech companies working in the Kingdom to 230 by 2025.