Invoice O’Reilly Caught on Video Berating JetBlue Employee Over Flight Lengthen

Extinct Fox Files host Invoice O’Reilly used to be caught on video threatening a JetBlue airlines employee after his flight used to be delayed.

The distinctive video obtained and published by the Daily Mail this week shows 72-year-extinct O’Reilly used to be visibly upset that his flight to the Turks and Caicos Islands earlier this month used to be delayed for bigger than three hours. It appears to be like that O’Reilly took out his frustrations on the employee, calling him a “fing scumbag.”

“We must know what it is seemingly you’ll perchance well perchance additionally very effectively be going to discontinue,” O’Reilly would perchance perchance well additionally additionally be heard announcing. “It be three hours slack now.”

The employee began to acknowledge, however the files host interrupted. “No, no, no,” he stated, pointing a finger on the employee’s chest. “You are gonna discover.”

The interplay grew to alter into more intense when O’Reilly leaned in to take a look at the employee’s work badge and stated, “it is seemingly you’ll perchance well perchance additionally very effectively be fortunate I develop no longer build my fist thru it.”

The employee held up the badge for O’Reilly to procure a bigger leer and spoke back something inaudible that O’Reilly evidently did now not love.

On Sunday, broken-down Fox host Invoice O’Reilly threatened a JetBlue employee at JFK Airport after his flight to Turks & Caicos used to be delayed: “You f*cking scumbag! You’re gonna lose your job!”

— Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦 (@RonFilipkowski) April 19, 2022

In response, O’Reilly began cursing on the employee.

“You fing scumbag, develop no longer talk over with me love that.”

“You are threatening me with violence, man,” the employee responds.

O’Reilly then denies threatening the person. The host takes one more leer on the employee’s badge and tells him, “You are gonna lose your job,” sooner than storming away.

The passenger who took the video suggested the Daily Mail, “I would perchance perchance well now not take into account how arrogant he used to be. That uncomfortable JetBlue man true works there, it be no longer his fault the flight used to be delayed, he used to be true attempting to discontinue his job.”

The No Wander Files host took to Twitter, claiming critics are lying concerning the recorded altercation.

Bill O'Reilly
A video shows broken-down Fox Files host Invoice O’Reilly threatening a JetBlue airlines employee after his flight used to be delayed. Above, O’Reilly attends the “Killing Reagan” Washington, D.C., premiere at The Newseum on October 6, 2016.
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“The personality assassins on social media fully lying about my interplay with a JetBlue man who misled passengers within the route of a five-hour lengthen,” O’Reilly tweeted.

In an interview with Mediate, O’Reilly admitted that he handled the topic poorly, however stated he is no longer sorry for confronting the employee.

“The story is JetBlue can’t procure their flights off the ground. It used to be loopy within the terminal,” O’Reilly stated.

Twitter users added gas by resurfacing an infamous video of O’Reilly from the early 1990s when he loses his mood over the teleprompter malfunctioning.

“I’m in a position to’t read it there may perchance be no words on it,” he shouts. “There may perchance be now not any words there to play us out!”

The video went viral in 2008 when a user uploaded a video of O’Reilly’s tantrum, titled “Invoice O’Reilly Goes Nuts.”

The catchphrase, “We will discontinue it are living! Fit, we’ll discontinue it are living,” stormed the salvage later on.

Newsweek reached out to O’Reilly and JetBlue for comment.