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How Kelly Ripa and Tag Consuelos Truly feel Having an “Empty Nest”

It be an experience any mother or father can expose to: Kelly Ripa and Tag Consuleos‘ kids are “sickened” by them.


On the March 7 episode of Are dwelling with Kelly and Ryan, the co-anchor revealed that Michael, 24, Lola, 20, and Joaquin, 19, accumulate “grossed out” by her and the Riverdale actor—particularly when they’re drinking.


“They’re sickened by us,” Kelly urged the target market. “And I’m no longer sure why that is. Nonetheless they’re disgusted by our drinking. They devise fun of my drinking rather a lot.”


Why? Effectively, as Tag went on to display cowl, his wife of more than 25 years does no longer utilize utensils to luxuriate in. 


Tag, 50, stated Kelly, 51, will luxuriate in “regular meals most incessantly,” on the different hand, if one thing will also be consumed with her fingers, she’s going to “effect the plate in entrance of me, and you then’ll high-tail in and snatch it and you then stick all three fingers, the pointers of all three fingers, into your mouth.”

The Queen of the South actor then began to express how his wife uses her hands to luxuriate in by inserting his fingers into his mouth.


Kelly laughed as she watched her husband’s demonstration. She then asked him to insist the viewers what she most incessantly eats, asserting, “It doubtlessly is one thing that is consumed with the fingers if I’m the usage of my fingers?”

Tag answered, “Yeah, it will also be, but when it be half of cake and there is a shrimp slice, you may maybe be able to snatch a shrimp no longer to possess the total half. Nonetheless you high-tail in with the three fingers. I’m stunned you weren’t nursed with the main three fingers of a persons’ hand!”


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