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Intel Core i7-11370H 4 x 3.3 – 4.8 GHz, 51 W PL2 / Short Burst, 40 W PL1 / Sustained, Tiger Lake H35


32768 MB 

, LPDDR4x-4266, Twin-Channel, onboard


14.40 toddle 3:2, 2400 x 1600 pixel 200 PPI, capacitive, LQ144P1JX01, IPS, modern: yes, HDR, 120 Hz


Intel Tiger Lake-UP3 PCH-LP


Intel Tiger Lake-U/Y PCH-LP – cAVS (Audio, Insist, Speech)


2 USB 4.0 40 Gbps, 2 Thunderbolt, USB-C Energy Shipping (PD), 2 DisplayPort, 1 Docking Set Port, Audio Connections: 3.5 mm , Brightness Sensor


Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5/ax = Wi-Fi 6), Bluetooth 5.1


high x width x depth (in mm): 19 x 323 x 228 ( = 0.75 x 12.72 x 8.98 in)


58 Wh Lithium-Polymer

Working Plan

Microsoft Home windows 11 Home


Webcam: 1080p

Main Camera: 2 MPix

Extra components

Speakers: Quad Speakers, Keyboard: Chiclet, Keyboard Light: yes, 102W PSU, 12 Months Warranty


1.831 kg ( = 64.59 oz / 4.04 kilos), Energy Present: 379 g ( = 13.37 oz / 0.84 kilos)

Expose: The manufacturer would possibly maybe well well spend substances from assorted suppliers alongside with present panels, drives or memory sticks with identical specifications.

The “center” device would possibly maybe well well be passe to survey movies or play video games with a game pad. You would clearly spend the touchscreen for inputs or with the now not compulsory pen as successfully, nonetheless the hidden keyboard in this case is surely now not wonderful and moreover you form now not believe any glean entry to to the amount or brightness controls.

The new create continues with the snide unit, which comprise two layers. The lower section and the upper section, which is wider on all aspects. We are familiar with this general capability from other producers and machine with tapered create seem slimmer than they surely are, nonetheless the transition is always extra special smoother and now not as angled as on the Surface Laptop Studio. It’s terribly easy to rob the machine, nonetheless the create itself is (as per odd) no doubt a matter of taste. The display hide bezels are comparatively wide for a contemporary machine at around 10 mm (display hide to body ratio: 84 %).

Microsoft’s Surface devices continually had nice build quality and the brand new Surface Laptop Studio just isn’t any exception. The build quality is flawless and the matte surfaces of the chassis, which is product of aluminum and magnesium, are nice to the touch and moreover they don’t seem like very at risk of dirt, either. We are totally gratified with the stability of the evaluate unit as successfully.

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The new create capability finally ends up in a barely natty chassis and the Surface Laptop Studio is belief to be one of many ideally suited and at bigger than 1.8 kg furthermore belief to be one of many heaviest devices throughout the comparison community. The 102W power adapter guidelines the scale at 379 grams. Even as you mosey for the Core i5 SKU with out the GeForce dGPU, you glean a more compact 65W power adapter (309 grams).

Surface Connect port
Surface Join port

Microsoft soundless uses its comprise Surface Join port and affords some corresponding instruments bask in docking stations. The connector itself is soundless now not wonderful, despite the indisputable reality that. Thanks to the straight facet wall, it is much less advanced to glue the connector when put next with the angled facet wall of the Surface Laptop, as an illustration, nonetheless the cable will block the three.5 mm stereo jack searching on the orientation. You furthermore glean two USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 4 toughen, so that they would possibly well well be passe for third-occasion docking stations as successfully. You attain now not glean any other ports bask in odd USB-A or an SD-card reader.

The communication modules are restricted to the elemental requirements, for the reason that Intel AX200 module from Intel supports Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and Bluetooth 5.1, nonetheless is has been around for bigger than two years and there are already more popular items bask in the AX210E. Both the signal quality and the transfer rates, on the opposite hand, were very beautiful right thru our take a look at with the reference router from Netgear (Nighthawk AX12) and there need to now not any obstacles in apply, either. There is no risk for an LTE or 5G modem.

Microsoft uses a 1080p webcam and the image quality is nice passable in beautiful lighting stipulations, nonetheless the manufacturer affords higher modules in the Surface Legit and Surface Whisk items. As successfully as to the webcam, there’s furthermore an infrared camera that supports facial recognition thru Home windows Whats up.

Microsoft follows Apple’s instance and equips the Surface Laptop Studio with a force touchpad (we did now not pick up any loyal designation from Microsoft), so you would possibly maybe well well now not depress the pad physically. The haptic suggestions is in its put produced by a vibration motor, which finally ends up in an very perfect suggestions right thru the final touchpad floor (12 x 8 cm) and the cursor controls work successfully. We only encountered some complications after standby the put the pad perceived to be too soft. Nonetheless, we only noticed it two events and a few driver optimizations would possibly maybe well well soundless resolve the put.

The capacitive touchscreen works moreover to expected. Microsoft advertises the toughen for haptic suggestions in aggregate with the Surface Slim Pen 2, nonetheless we did now not believe the pen to take a look at it.

The new Surface Laptop Studio soundless uses Intel’s Tiger Lake processors. One facet here is surely that corresponding Alder Lake chips were now not yet available, nonetheless we’re soundless bowled over about the preference of Tiger Lake-H35 chips. We now believe got lined this subject a few events already, these chips are continuously odd Tiger Lake-U CPUs bask in the Core i7-1165G7, which is passe in many ultrabooks for around two years now and the H35 items are only operated with higher TDP figures. This means you only glean four CPU cores and the faster iGPU Iris Xe Graphics G7, so the CPUs attain now not glean extra special sense need to you combine them with dedicated graphics cards.

Intel’s Core i7-11370H is a Tiger Lake-H35 processor with four cores (eight threads) working at as a lot as 4.8 GHz or 4.3 GHz on all active cores, respectively. The CPU can spend honest a miniature bigger than 50W for a short time here and instant ranges off at 40W. The benchmarks results verify that it is de facto honest a odd Tiger Lake-U processor with honest a miniature more power. The Core i7-1185G7 in the MSI Summit E14, as an illustration, is now not extra special slower (~15%).

The Intel quad-core doesn’t stand yet another against the rivals from AMD and their recent CPUs are nearly twice as like a flash and Intel’s new Alder Lake chips furthermore believe a monumental advantage as a result of the increased preference of cores. Nevertheless even taking into consideration that the Alder Lake chips honest were now not ready, we attain now not realize why Microsoft did now not spend Tiger Lake H45 CPUs bask in the Core i7-11800H. We selected an early evaluate unit of the ThinkPad P1 G4 with identical TDP values for comparison, and the multi-core efficiency is soundless around 40% higher. Even the Core i5-11400H in the Dell XPS 15 is sooner whatever the lower TDP charge of 35 Watts.

The new Surface pc pc Studio doesn’t survey particularly beautiful when put next with Apple’s M1 Legit CPU. Even the slowest mannequin with 8 cores is ready 30% faster in Cinebench R15, even supposing this app must be emulated. The advantage is increased to around 50% in native benchmarks bask in Cinebench R23 Multi.

Don’t glean us inappropriate here, the efficiency of the Core i7-11370H is bigger than ample for day after day responsibilities and the single-core efficiency is soundless aggressive with recent rivals from Apple and AMD, nonetheless the brand new Alder Lake chips all as soon as more offer a monumental improvement of larger than 20% as a result of their new efficiency cores. Al in all, the CPU efficiency would possibly maybe well well had been so severely higher. We ask of comparable efficiency figures for the entry-level SKU of the Surface Laptop Studio with the Core i5-11300H, the put the chip makes more sense since you would possibly maybe well well genuinely spend the faster iGPU.

The CPU efficiency is now not diminished on battery power. Extra CPU benchmarks are listed in our Tech allotment.

The subjective efficiency impression of the evaluate unit is terribly beautiful since the processor is noteworthy ample for day after day responsibilities and the short PCIe-SSD ensures that inputs are instant carried out and loading events are very short need to you open beneficial properties. The synthetic benchmark ratings are average throughout the comparison community. We did now not ride any complications or crashes right thru our evaluate duration.

Microsoft uses a odd M.2-2280 SSD, nonetheless the machine doesn’t toughen the most modern PCIe 4.0 odd. The transfer rates of the PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD from SK Hynix (BC711) are soundless very beautiful and there can be no obstacles. Our evaluate unit affords a storage capacity of 1 TB and moreover you would possibly maybe well well also spend 894 GB to your comprise files and apps after the preliminary device-up.

As talked about before, customers can now not change the SSD, so you would possibly maybe well well deserve to dangle in mind how extra special storage you would possibly maybe well well need before you pick the machine. Extra SSD benchmarks are available in our Tech allotment.

The RTX 3050 Ti is noteworthy ample for tender 1080p gameplay with excessive significant components in many titles, nonetheless you would possibly maybe well well most continuously now not attain the 120 Hz of the present. The gaming efficiency is all as soon as more proper in longer courses, nonetheless the efficiency is moderately lower on battery power. Nonetheless, the variation is now not as monumental as in the unreal tests. Witcher 3 Ultra, as an illustration, became soundless tender at bigger than 35 fps. Please gaze our tech allotment for more gaming benchmarks

Microsoft uses two followers located in the front put of the snide unit. The fan profile is terribly defensive most continuously and the followers lag is slowly increased under load. This means the machine is always very unexcited need to you form general responsibilities or the fan murmur can be very unexcited. There are furthermore no annoying digital sounds bask in coil yelp, as an illustration. The fan noise will attain around 45 dB(A) right thru gaming after a few minutes, which is surely audible and we furthermore imply headphones for gaming.

  36.7 °C

98 F
41.1 °C

106 F
42.2 °C

108 F
  37 °C

99 F
40.5 °C

105 F
42.3 °C

108 F
  33.3 °C

92 F
30.8 °C

87 F
35.7 °C

96 F
Maximum: 42.3 °C = 108 F

Moderate: 37.7 °C = 100 F
36 °C

97 F
36.4 °C

98 F
31.2 °C

88 F
36.1 °C

97 F
36.4 °C

98 F
33.2 °C

92 F
38.2 °C

101 F
35.3 °C

96 F
33.1 °C

92 F
Maximum: 38.2 °C = 101 F

Moderate: 35.1 °C = 95 F

Energy Present (max.)  39.1 °C = 102 F | Room Temperature 20.1 °C = 68 F | Fluke t3000FC (calibrated), Voltcraft IR-900

(±) The widespread temperature for the upper facet under maximal load is 37.7 °C / 100 F, when put next with the average of 31 °C / 88 F for the devices in the class Multimedia.

(±) The most temperature on the upper facet is 42.3 °C / 108 F, when put next with the average of 36.7 °C / 98 F, starting from 21.1 to 71 °C for the class Multimedia.

(+) The bottom heats as a lot as a most of 38.2 °C / 101 F, when put next with the average of 39 °C / 102 F

(+) In idle usage, the average temperature for the upper facet is 23.2 °C / 74 F, when put next with the machine average of 31 °C / 88 F.

(±) Playing The Witcher 3, the average temperature for the upper facet is 36.1 °C / 97 F, when put next with the machine average of 31 °C / 88 F.

(+) The palmrests and touchpad are reaching pores and skin temperature as a most (35.7 °C / 96.3 F) and are therefore now not scorching.

(-) The widespread temperature of the palmrest put of identical devices became 28.9 °C / 84 F (-6.8 °C / -12.3 F).

Microsoft uses a four-speaker machine and moreover you would possibly maybe well well also clearly gaze them on the press image we integrated in the Maintenance allotment. The usual of the audio system is terribly beautiful and moreover they even save a spatial stay. The bass is moderately under average in accordance with our evaluation and the MacBook Legit 14 is moderately higher general in this admire, nonetheless the Surface Laptop Studio no doubt doesn’t must masks in the help of the rivals.

102W power adapter
102W power adapter

Our idle measurements are very low, whatever the excessive option and the beautiful brightness, so the Surface Laptop Studio is the becoming machine here. Nonetheless, Microsoft will deserve to believe yet another survey at the standby consumption, which is only too excessive at 2.6W. You would ask of around 80W right thru gaming and we recorded as a lot as 97W right thru the stress take a look at, which instant leveled off at 92W. The integrated 102W power adapter, which affords an additional USB-A port for charging, is therefore totally ample.

In review: Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio. Test model courtesy of Cyberport.
In evaluate: Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio. Test mannequin courtesy of Cyberport.

The new Surface Laptop Studio with its foldable present is supposed to interchange the worn Surface E book and the final impression is lovely after our evaluate. The build quality and the materials are high-notch, the efficiency utilization of the two substances is solid and the machine doesn’t shriek any significant flaws in phrases of present or audio system, either. The folding mechanism leaves a offered impression as successfully, nonetheless it stays to be considered how this can prolong over the years. The so-known as presentation mode is furthermore now not wonderful since it covers the final keyboard. 

We were bowled over about the CPU preference. Intel’s Tiger Lake quad-core completely affords ample efficiency for day after day responsibilities, nonetheless recent-gen cell chips from AMD and Apple are already faster and the brand new items can be launched in the subsequent couple of weeks. The Core i5 with the faster iGPU makes moderately more sense for the entry-level SKU, nonetheless you would possibly maybe well well now not glean the many of the faster iGPU need to you combine it with a dedicated GPU bask in the GeForce RTX 3050 Ti. An H45 processor would believe required a new mainboard and therefore more construction costs, nonetheless the efficiency would had been aggressive.

The new Surface Laptop Studio is a attention-grabbing product and is a nice partner to your day after day workloads, nonetheless the CPU efficiency of the Intel quad-core processor is disappointing, particularly taking into consideration the excessive value, so you pay tons of money for worn know-how. Microsoft furthermore says the machine is designed for loyal customers, nonetheless we attain now not think the Surface Laptop Studio meets this disclose. We strongly imply an updated mannequin with Intel’s new Alder Lake CPUs as rapidly as doubtless.

You would clearly continually imply for impress new items, particularly in the cell section, nonetheless the brand new Alder Lake CPUs are a monumental step forward in phrases of CPU efficiency now we believe now not considered for years. Microsoft would possibly maybe well well soundless instant open an updated mannequin of the Surface Laptop Studio, for the reason that machine is rarely aggressive with the sluggish Tiger Lake quad-core. The present is somewhat beautiful, nonetheless we’re bowled over that it all as soon as more only covers the minute sRGB color gamut, whereas the rivals is essentially specializing in the wider P3 color put. We attain now not realize the final lack of maintenance alternate choices (you would possibly maybe well well now not even trim the followers), either.

The new Surface Laptop Studio somewhat extra special affords what you glean from the odd Surface Laptops, nonetheless with moderately more versatility: A good machine for day after day workloads. The put is the excessive tag and we reflect there’s hundreds of unused doable here. Apple’s MacBook Legit 14 is superior in some respects and is in the an analogous tag vary. The same hardware instruments is furthermore available in extra special more affordable systems bask in Schenker’s Vision 14, whereas the Razer Blade 14 with the Ryzen CPU and RTX 3070 GPU exhibits the efficiency doable of a 14-toddle machine.

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