‎Networkers earnings drops 28% YoY to SAR 28 mln in 2021


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Saudi Networkers Companies and products Co., which is under listing in Nomu-Parallel Market – posted a 28% decline in receive earnings to SAR 28 million by the quit of 2021, compared to SAR 39 million earnings in the corresponding length a 365 days ago.

The earnings decline 365 days-on-365 days (YoY) became as soon as attributed to the following: An elevate in worth of revenues by 4% YoY, an extend in debt provisions to SAR 2 million, from SAR 510,000 in 2020, and a 29% YoY decline in operating profits.

This came no matter the upward push in revenues and other revenues, as well to fall in financing charges.

Fresh Quarter Comparison (M)

Item Q4 2020 Q4 2021 Trade‬
Scamper Earnings
Working Earnings
Rep Earnings
Moderate Shares
EPS (Riyals)

Shareholders’ equity (excluding minority interests) amounted to SAR 57.31 million in 2021, compared to SAR 50.39 million in the same length of 2020.

Meanwhile, the firm’s revenues amounted to SAR 462.792 million from operations in the Kingdom and SAR 10.459 million from Algeria operations in 2021, compared to SAR 454.441 million and SAR 13.726 million, respectively in the 365 days-ago length.

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