Notorious NFT Thief ‘Monkey Drainer’ Strikes But Again

The tainted NFT thief Monkey Drainer strikes again, this time with a phishing rip-off.

EojJim took to Twitter to let the community know that they lost two NounsDao NFTs. The user bought the NFTs for a total of 160 ETH, which is currently round $200okay. It’s unclear if Monkey Drainer is a single particular person or a group. They hold got been behind one of the most most practical most likely-profile hacks of the 365 days.

A man in a red sweatshirt holds the hood over his face, which is covered by a neon mask.
Monkey Drainer has stolen two NounsDao NFTs. Credit: Unsplash.

How Did Monkey Drainer Strike This Time?

In a Twitter thread, EojJim lamented that “I below no instances thought I’d regain phished.”

Interestingly, they obtained a realistic-taking a look email with official accounts backing it. The email turned into as soon as selling the artist @dimitrilikissas for Christie’s. Namely, it known as for owners of CryptoPunks to collaborate. When EojJim went to help the trigger, he bought phished and his NounsDao NFTs were long previous.

A line of code on a computer screen is shown glowing in the dark.
User EojJim remembers the abilities as “embarrassing.” Credit: Unsplash.

How Attain We Know It’s Monkey Drainer?

In step with Web3 sleuth @ZachXBT and community member @_solimander, the entity behind the hack appears to be Monkey Drainer. This particular person or group has been going after Bored Apes in present instances.

EojJim is “mentally writing them off as 0,” nonetheless he has also said that he will “assign a bounty if something else can even furthermore be retrieved.” He even asked if any individual can assign him in contact with the NFT thief Monkey Drainer to “negotiate.”

A man sits in a dark room with his computer screen casting a blue glow. His face is covered by a black and white mask.
The Web3 community identified the hacker as Monkey Drainer. Credit: Unsplash.

It has been a laborious few weeks for Web3. Whether or now not it’s the crumple of FTX or the present string of scams, there the least bit times appears to be news of unhealthy actors impacting the home. On the opposite hand, many in the neighborhood are desirous to rebuild and switch thru innovation.

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