Optimism hacker confirms they’re whitehat, returns most of stolen funds

Optimism hacker confirms they are whitehat, returns most of stolen funds Optimism hacker confirms they’re whitehat, returns most of stolen funds Oluwapelumi Adejumo · 2 hours ago · 2 min study


Optimism hacker began returning the stolen tokens in a batch of 1 million per transaction.

2 min study

Updated: June 11, 2022 at 2: 01 am

Optimism hacker confirms they are whitehat, returns most of stolen funds

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Optimism hacker has confirmed they are a whitehat and requested the project builders to half a return address for the closing tokens in their possession.

The hacker stole 20 million OP tokens from Optimism by exploiting a failed transaction gripping liquidity provider Wintermute.

Wintermute CEO Evgeny Gaevoy requested the hacker to plot serve the stolen funds within the event that they’re whitehat within per week. He threatened to dox the hacker within the event that they did no longer plot serve the funds.

Phase of the assertion reads,

We are 100% committed to returning your complete funds, tracking the actual person(s) accountable for the exploit, completely doxxing them and handing over them to the corresponding juridical map. Endure in thoughts that robbers must always safe lucky every time. Cops most attention-grabbing pick on to safe lucky as soon as.

Nonetheless, it modified into out the hacker was as soon as a whitehat despite every little thing. Sooner than returning the funds, the hacker this morning sent 1,000,000 OP tokens to Vitalik Buterin’s public pockets in conjunction with a message that stated: 

Hi there, Vitalik, I divulge in you, simply wish to know your notion on this. BTW, serve to substantiate the return address, and I will return the closing after you. And hey Wintermute, sorry, I most attention-grabbing non-public 18M, and right here’s what I’m able to return. Close Optimistic!

Six hours after that, they began returning the 18 million in a batch of 1 million per transaction. To this point, the hacker has sent 17 million OP tokens to a pockets Gaevoy claimed belongs to Optimism.


— wishful cynic (@EvgenyGaevoy) June 10, 2022

In response to the hacker’s decision, Gaevoy tweeted an upside-down smiley emoji. Optimism moreover posted that it has bought the stolen crypto while revealing that Wintermute “has committed to reimbursing the Optimism Foundation.”

Over the last few hours, the address opened a line of verbal exchange with Wintermute on-chain and 17mm of 20mm OP has now been returned. There was as soon as moreover 1mm sent to @VitalikButerin the day earlier than on the present time (🤷‍♂️) which is being recovered.

We can continue to put up updates as they plot in.

— Optimism (✨🔴_🔴✨) (@optimismPBC) June 10, 2022

The hacker would maybe be keeping the closing 2 million OP tokens as a bounty. Optimism foundation moreover confirmed that it’s within the process of recovering the 1 million OP sent to Vitalik Buterin.

The news of the return has had a certain influence on OP ticket. The token has risen by 13.2% within the closing 24 hours, making it one in all the biggest gainers on the present time.