‎Qassim Governor inaugurates SAR 272 mln SPIMACO-AstraZeneca manufacturing facility


Qassim Governor inaugurates SAR 272 mln SPIMACO-AstraZeneca factory

Governor of Al-Qassim, Faisal bin Mishaal

Governor of Qassim Space, Faisal bin Mishaal, inaugurated a original plant for producing of unsafe medication, in partnership with global pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca, at a full price of SAR 272 million.

This came at some level of Qassim Investment Dialogue board held at King Khalid Civilization Center in Buraydah.

The plant spans 2,800 sq. meters, and is believed about an industrial unit launched by Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries and Scientific Home equipment Corp. (SPIMACO).

The original plant has three floors, along with manufacturing and packaging zones, a laboratory for quality regulate and quality assurance and technical companies’ zone that entails a water medication machine and wastewater medication in accordance with world requirements for the blueprint of unsafe medication.