Rogue vs Misfits – LEC Playoffs Match Breakdown & Predictions

LEC Playoffs are here and the hype can no longer be any bigger! Rogue and Misfits Gaming will face off in the principle match of the 2022 LEC Spring Playoffs.

Who will arrive to the following round and who will hobble to the losers’ bracket? Let’s break it all down for you.

Misfits Gaming LEC

LEC Playoffs – Rogue vs Misfits Gaming

Following the dwell of the LEC 2022 Spring Split, Rogue were soundless in a region to defend their first-put make. They carried out 14-4 in the customary split, displaying that they are soundless the kings of Bo1 sequence.

With that being said, Rogue has continually fallen off when it mattered: Rogue has been struggling in opposition to various top teams in Perfect-of-5 sequence. This might occasionally maybe maybe be main to peep whether they believe also fastened their critical weakness.

Nonetheless, they’re the favorites coming into this sequence. If we’re having a peep on the matchups personally, essentially the most attention-grabbing one where Misfits are even on would doubtless be mid. Vetheo has been the shimmering celebrity of the Misfits lineup and the principle function they made it to playoffs as the third seed. If Misfits wants to believe any likelihood at a success this sequence, the French mid laner will need to pull yet every other supper lift performance.

The mid-lane match-up will doubtless be huge attention-grabbing to study since Vetheo likes taking part in aggressive and more take-oriented champions. On the many hand, Larssen has continually been more inclined to play retain watch over and scaling mages so we can need to peep if Vetheo can truly punish Rogue’s mid.

With that in thoughts, the junglers will need to originate obvious to wait on them out. On one hand, now we believe Shlatan, who is critical for his  Lee Sin and Xin Zhao. On the many, now we believe Malrang, who no longer simplest plays Lee Sin however also plays rather a few the Blind Monk’s counters.

In phrases of champion pool, the Korean jungler might maybe maybe also merely soundless believe a small edge.

How will the 2 teams draft?

The meta has been somewhat vital aged since the originate up of the season. Other than the pinnacle lane where Hullbreaker has been rising up in recognition, the many roles supply more or less the the same champions, in particular in the ADC role.

Every Rogue and Misfits love Jinx, since it has been essentially the most picked champion by both marksmen: I’m staring at for her to be banned in most video games. As a consequence, Aphelios, Zeri and Jhin is continuously the played ADCs in this sequence.

Within the many roles, there wants to be impartial a diminutive more diversity however both teams might maybe maybe also merely soundless play in a identical manner. Split push top laner on the aspect lane, an early game affect jungler, and a improve who can tear and drive engages.

While there will indubitably be adaptations based on bans and the waft of the sequence, here is as a minimum what the 2 teams will doubtless draft in the principle (and 2nd) game.

To round off the preview, if both teams play based on the diagnosis played, Rogue wants to be the winner in the sequence. As we mentioned earlier, with the exception of mid lane, Misfits are at a small drawback. Now not to point that some of MSF’s gamers soundless haven’t played Bo5 sequence on stage.

Nonetheless, I’m no longer staring at for to be a transient 3-0 for Rogue. Misfits might maybe maybe also merely soundless as a minimum gain a game someplace in the sequence, so a 3-1 wants to be a more practical result, also concerned about that Rogue develop believe some tainted video games as they believe proven at some stage in the customary split.

Within the occasion you will need wager on this sequence, here are essentially the most attention-grabbing LoL odds for this particular match, based on the diagnosis above: (courtesy of GG.BET)

  • Scheme 1 First dragon to Rogue : x2.43

  • Scheme 1 Total kills over 26.5 : x1.9
  • Real rating 3-1 (Rogue): x3.56
  • Scheme 1 Total Towers over 12.5: x1.81
  • Scheme 1 – Kills handicap Rogue (-6.5): x2.04

All of these markets can simply translate into maps three and 4 if Rogue is amazingly domineering in this sequence.