‎Saudi economic transformation helps start fresh sectors, offer promising funding opportunities: Minister


Saudi Minister of Commerce, Majed Al-Qasabi

Both Saudi Arabia and the US recognize deep substitute ties, Minister of Commerce, Majed Al-Qasabi, told the Saudi-American Industry Forum.

He added that the Saudi economic system, since the initiate of Vision 2030, has witnessed a metamorphosis that resulted in opening plenty of fresh sectors and providing promising opportunities for the industry sector.

The reforms made by the Kingdom came in accordance with Vision 2030, to diversify the economic system, start the door to economic opportunities in plenty of native sectors, moreover to manufacture substitute and funding, the minister mentioned.

He identified that the sphere faces plenty of challenges, equivalent to epidemics, native weather substitute, global crises and food security. With out reference to such challenges, the Kingdom is aloof in a position to carry out this imaginative and prescient, due to the the permanent apply-up of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.