‎Saudi-Jordanian Funding Fund invests $400 mln in clinical facility in Jordan


Signing the agreement

The Saudi-Jordanian Funding Fund (SJIF), which is affiliated to the Public Funding Fund (PIF), signed an agreement with Jordan to make investments nearly $400 million in a healthcare facility in the country.


The venture goals to transfer global data to Jordan and strengthen the usual of healthcare and clinical education in the country, based entirely on Almamlaka.


The venture, which relies on the contain–operate–transfer (BOT) machine, goals to establish a college sanatorium with a capability of 300 beds, 60 outpatient clinics, specialised children’s sanatorium, emergency care and a clinical college with a capability of 600 seats.


SJIF said in a instruct that the venture’s construction work will birth after polishing off the initial engineering designs, that are anticipated to be prepared for the length of the 2d half of of this yr.


The Amman-based entirely fund became established in 2017 as a public shareholding firm. PIF holds 92% of SJIF, whereas Jordanian banks collect the closing 8%.