Slinky, classy Audi A6 Avant e-tron previews future EV popularity wagon

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Is it coming to The United States? “By no formulation philosophize never.”

Tim De Chant

Audi A6 Avant e-tron concept front

Build greater / Audi designers closed off the grille for better aerodynamics without eliminating the corporate’s trademark entrance discontinue. Homeowners can customize the daylight running lights the use of the matrix LED headlights.

Recently, Audi answered a assign a query to that many enthusiasts occupy been inquiring for years—when will they be releasing an electrical popularity wagon? The corporate has a lengthy history of manufacturing lusty “Avant” fashions, and the stamp’s novel electric endeavors made such a automotive seem inevitable. But Audi has been mum on the world—unless now.

Recently, Audi unveiled the A6 Avant e-tron. While this automotive will be known as a theory, it strongly hints at the production version due in 2024. Audi designers stated the closing wagon won’t deviate a lot from what you leer here. And from our point of view, that’s no longer a evil factor.

“I will promise you that different what you leer now will be accessible in the road,” stated Wolf Seebers, who led the automotive’s exterior make.

Audi has a long history of making stylish wagons, and this one is no exception.

Build greater / Audi has a lengthy history of making classy wagons, and this one is no longer any exception.


Swish, practical EV

Bear other EVs, the A6 Avant e-tron guarantees to be snappily, reaching 60 mph in under 4 seconds on account of dual motors that occupy a blended 350 kW (470 hp) and 800 Nm (590 lb-feet) of torque. A huge battery of “around 100 kWh” will provide 435 miles (700 km) of differ under optimistic WLTP sorting out in a extra efficient single-motor configuration. In true-world use, assign a query to somewhere factual north of 300 miles.

So while the automotive might maybe maybe no longer spoil the 400-mile barrier, Audi guarantees that recharging won’t late things down. The A6 Avant e-tron rides on the Volkswagen Group’s novel PPE platform, which entails 800 volt electrical architecture. Audi is promising 270 kW charging that can delight in up about 40 p.c of the battery’s price in about 10 minutes, while a fuller price—from 5–80 p.c—ought to serene blueprint finish under 25 minutes. Essentially based on the spectacular price curve Audi achieved with the original e-tron SUV, a make that’s now nearly 4 years venerable, we’re inclined to take into consideration these figures.

Audi is using the new PPE platform for the A6 Avant e-tron, including its 800 volt electrical architecture.

Build greater / Audi is the use of the novel PPE platform for the A6 Avant e-tron, including its 800 volt electrical architecture.


The A6 Avant e-tron’s make draws heavily from the A6 e-tron theory that Audi debuted closing three hundred and sixty five days, with a the same unlit brushstroke alongside the perimeters that helps conceal the peak of the doorways while hinting at the gigantic battery under the passenger compartment.

The diversities between the Sportback and Avant are extra obvious up top, for sure. There, the designers stretched the roof over a pair of bulging rear haunches that echo the customary e-tron SUV. The roofline is accented with a skinny band of satin aluminum that arcs from the inappropriate of the A-pillar to a subtle spoiler at the head of the rear window. The Avant’s lengthy roof isn’t moderately as slippery as the Sportback version, nonetheless the novel theory’s a limited better 0.24 Cd is serene moderately factual. Below, a rear diffuser accented in the the same aluminum echoes the detailing on the novel-rod RS 6 Avant.

The satin aluminum rear diffuser echoes that of the 190 mph RS 6 Avant.

Build greater / The satin aluminum rear diffuser echoes that of the 190 mph RS 6 Avant.


Up entrance, the designers closed off the trademark Audi grill nonetheless traced its elaborate in unlit perfect. Within the production version, that is maybe the build the many sensors that will vitality its advanced driver-support programs will be hidden. When requested by Ars whether or no longer they’re planning any self sustaining aspects for the production A6 Avant e-tron, Audi representatives wouldn’t commit, pronouncing handiest that they’ll occupy the “original tell of the artwork.”

The automotive’s skinny headlights are matrix LEDs that will probably enable for adaptive beams that can brightly illuminate the road without blinding oncoming online page online page visitors. Audi says that house owners can customize the daylight running lights to indicate a make of their substitute. Out back, the 3D-discontinue OLED taillights can additionally be personalized. As for other tech, Audi sadly didn’t give us a peek at the inner.

With the Avant next to the Sportback, you can see what changes give the car more interior space (and more style, if you ask me).

Build greater / With the Avant subsequent to the Sportback, you will be ready to leer what adjustments give the automotive extra internal dwelling (and additional model, once you quiz me).


Future wagons

For wagon enthusiasts, original pickings occupy been slim. And for electric wagon enthusiasts, the picks are even slimmer. Easiest one is accessible this day—the lovely nonetheless costly Taycan Sport Turismo/Rotten Turismo. The novel Audi guarantees to double the world, and that area will stretch additional with Volkswagen’s coming near ID. Exclaim Vizzion and two Volvos that the automaker currently talked about in passing.

SUVs and crossovers occupy largely relegated wagons to a gap market, nonetheless product marketer Nikolai Martens stated that “electric mobility can back us reverse the SUV trend, which wouldn’t be evil once you leer at the native climate.”

The Avant’s low profile and slippery shape helps give a enhance to the automotive’s differ, he added. “If I if truth be told occupy a differ-minded buyer, and if differ is de facto critical for me as a premium, then the Avant is maybe basically the most reasonable automotive when in contrast with an SUV.”

The A6 Avant e-tron is sort of sure to hit European roads first, the build wagons are in better assign a query to. Audi wouldn’t commit to bringing it to the US, nonetheless “never philosophize never,” Martens stated. “The Avant in its general originate is one who we don’t place in mind to be a automotive with a lot volume in the US. But the upper-popularity autos, fancy the RS Avant or the Allroad, they are surely autos that can work successfully in the US.”

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