This giant mountain lion taking half within the shell game to seize his accepted stuffed toy

For these wondering, here’s a puma named Messi who lives with a Russian couple in a one mattress room condominium. They bought him from a petting zoo, he used to be stunning sickly and used to be/silent is undersized. Fully 90 pounds and roughly 2/3rds the dimensions of an moderate puma. Supposedly he used to be declawed and since he used to be sickly, the zoo used to be pondering placing him down before they bought him. They speak that his claw and properly being issues mean he can’t be released into the wild (agreed) nor can he stay in a sanctuary (giant sus).

He’s additionally the source of that meme of I suppose a Fb submit the place any individual says they learned a persons’ missing cat and gave it a bath, and the pic is a puma within the bath. That is Messi.