TikTok Shares Unusual Insights into Effective Promotional Approaches in the App [Infographic]


TikTok has introduced a new paradigm in social media engagement, where users are no longer simplest ready to ogle basically the most up-to-date trending state, but they’re additionally invited to make contributions, with the short nature of TikTok clips opening up more opportunity for creativity, connection and engagement.

Brands taking a note to faucet into the platform must fancy this – TikTok is never any longer simplest about passive consumption, but additionally active participation, which is why accepted, intrusive advert approaches don’t work, as they don’t invite viewers into the experience.

That variance is the level of curiosity of this new infographic from TikTok, which supplies a vary of stats that expose to how users resolve with state in the app, and how brands can faucet into creator partnerships to maximise their promotions.

As per TikTok:

“TikTok audiences snatch brands that present they heed make and employ the platform — they want brands to meet them where they are on TikTok. And how precisely could presumably presumably presumably additionally restful brands meet audiences where they are? Creators.”

To maximize your promotional performance, TikTok recommends an ‘Persistently Engaged’ approach, which makes use of natural and paid state, while additionally leveraging creators to support brands reach their alternate targets.

The following stats toughen this strategic diagram.

TikTok 'Always Engaged' stats